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Tue 25 June 2019

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I Am Frankie is the story of Frankie, an experimental android who navigates the perils and wonders of being a teenager. Frankie looks like any other girl, but functions like the newest computer: complete with Internet access, extensive memory and a hard disk. Frankie goes to school and no one but the members of her family know her secret. She adapts to the real world quite well, despite having no feelings or emotions, but all that changes when she begins to experience family life, make friends and have a boyfriend.

I Am Frankie - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2017-09-04

I Am Frankie - Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Netflix

Power Rangers Ninja Steel is the twenty-fourth season of the long-running American children's television program Power Rangers. The season was produced primarily using footage, costumes, and props from Japanese Super Sentai series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger with minimal costume and prop elements being recycled from Ressha Sentai ToQger. The show is produced by Saban Brands and premiered on Nickelodeon on January 21, 2017. The second season of Ninja Steel, and twenty-fifth Power Rangers season overall, known as Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel premiered on January 27, 2018. As the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise, Super Ninja Steel will feature popular Rangers from past seasons. It is also the last Power Rangers series to have toys manufactured and distributed by Bandai as well as the last season produced by Saban Brands following the purchase of the franchise by Hasbro over May and June 2018.

I Am Frankie - Supporting cast - Netflix

Caleb Bendit as Monty Chris Reid as Victor Vincent Kelson Henderson as Mick Kanic Ruby Love as Princess Viera Byron Coll as the voice of Redbot Amanda Billing as Principal Hastings Claire Chitham as Mrs. Finch Lori Dungey as Mrs. Bell Stanley Andrew Jackson III as Tom, Levi Weston's manager. Daniel Sing as the Mayor of Summer Cove Jodie Rimmer as Jackie Thompson Taylor Barrett as Ace Malcolm Bishop as Business manager to the Mayor of Summer Cove Mike Edward as Master Dane Romero Taimana Marupo as Young Brody Romero Ethan Buckwell as Young Aiden Romero Kohji Mimura as Redbot (in-suit actor, Ninja Steel) Emma Carr as Redbot (in-suit actor, Super Ninja Steel)

I Am Frankie - References - Netflix


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