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Wed 19 June 2019

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ABC Barn Dance is an early country and Western music show on American television, a spin-off of the popular radio program "National Barn Dance". It also included some folk music. The show aired on Monday nights from February 21–November 14, 1949 on ABC-TV. Originally broadcast from 8:30–9 p.m. Eastern Time, it was moved to 9 p.m. and then to 9:30 p.m. Filmed at the Eighth Street Theater in Chicago, Illinois, the weekly variety show was hosted by Hal O'Halloran and Jack Stillwell. Several of the radio program's performers appeared, including the Sage Riders (instrumental quartet), Lulu Belle and Scotty, Cousin Tifford, Bob Atcher, the DeZurik Sisters and Holly Swanson.

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1949-02-21

ABC Barn Dance - National Barn Dance - Netflix

National Barn Dance, broadcast by WLS-AM in Chicago, Illinois starting in 1924, was one of the first American country music radio programs and a direct precursor of the Grand Ole Opry. National Barn Dance also set the stage for other similar programs, in part because the clear-channel signal of WLS could be received throughout most of the Midwest and even beyond in the late evening and nighttime hours, making much of the United States (and Canada) a potential audience. The program was well received and thus widely imitated. National Barn Dance ended its broadcast in 1968.

ABC Barn Dance - Offshoots - Netflix

In 1925, prior to network radio or syndication, Hay brought his Barn Dance concept to Nashville, Tennessee. The result was a show called the WSM Barn Dance. It became so popular that on December 10, 1927, Hay renamed it the Grand Ole Opry. WSM became one of the first NBC affiliates in 1927, and the Opry is still on the air today. A second program was launched in the 1930s by National Barn Dance's then-president John Lair in Renfro Valley, Kentucky; the Renfro Valley Barn Dance still takes place weekly but is no longer aired on radio (although a sister program, the Renfro Valley Gatherin', does still air weekly on Sunday mornings).

ABC Barn Dance - References - Netflix


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